Saturday, 23 October 2010


Went out shooting with Celina today, and started to use photoshop. Yeeeeah, good day.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Think... Purple?

Today was purple-day. Is purple-day. I didn't even know it was before I was told so at school. Yes, I'm always up to date on everything, I know. Or not... Seriously, I got to school thinking it was tuesday. Fantastic. I deserve a good round of apluase.
Buut, to the point, purple-day. It's a day where you are supposed to show your support of gay rights and thereby gay people. I believe the motivation was four young boys commiting suicide because they were harassed for being gay. I hope those bullies who made them do that keep their feeling of guilt forever.

People should not have to kill them selves before a topic becomes an issue, though.

Why do people even think of being rude because of something like that? I mean, seriously, what's the deal? Being gay is no bigger deal than what haircolor or what bodyshape you have. Well, people do harass others because of their size as well, don't they? As for that, get a life. Not everybody has the same build or body shape. Get over it.
It's not like it wrong or contagious. Get a grip, find something better to do with your life than bullying. Anyway, I'm gonna stop this quite long blogpost now before I get all agressive. Or more agressive. Whatever.
Conclusion - smile, be open minded and awesome and you'll get far.


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Prost Gotvins Geometri

Yes, I'm actually asked to write a blog for school. And the part I don't like? It has to be in Norwegian. And I'm really not going to spend any time creating and organizing a new blog just so that I can write stuff about a book on it. So, yeah, I'll be posting it here. After this project is done I'll go back to normal with the blogposts again. I will be posting photos and thoughs now as well, though. -A

Prost Gotvins Geometri

Boken er handler om en prest på pilgrimsreise til Spania. Boken åpner med tvilende tanker fra presten, som forklarer at han er protestansk og aldeles ingen katolikk, og tviler derfor på hvorfor han vil dra til Spania for å besøke ett sted der det skal ha skjedd ett mirakel. Allerede nå ser vi at boken er bygget på en religiøs persons synspunkt og en forventer symbolikk og skjulte betydninger. Da hovedpersonen vår sitter på toget helt i begynnelsen av boken møter han en mystisk kvinne som vet noe. Hun pirrer han både på den måten og som i at han blir nyskjerrig. Hun gir han en mystisk lapp med figurer og navn som gir lite mening. Vi får vite at denne vil være viktig i løpet av hele boken.

Allerede her ser jeg tydelig symbolikk. Det er en grunn til at vi møter denne kvinnen i begynnelsen av reisen, det er en grunn til at det er på toget. Men hva er grunnen?


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Flowers with views

And once again the photo quality is wonderfull. Yeah right. I must be doing something wrong.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Nights like these

Gossip girl is a bad influence. Promise. (At least, let's blame it on that)
When everything goes wrong I like listening to old music. Music I listened to when everything was perfect. I like it that way. Perfect, I mean. I guess I wouldn't find it so perfect if things didn't get all fucked up once in a while. I wish things would be like i want them to. I wish people would be like they used to. And I wish I could find replacements for the people who have changed too much.

Friday, 1 October 2010

I like (messing with) colors

Sorry for the abcense, people. If anyone actually reads this, that is. Anycow, I edited some photos just for the fun of it yesterday.